Cleaner restrooms

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I would like cleaner restrooms. The reason why I want cleaner restrooms is because that’s just nasty. That’s really dirty I’m not trying to be rude or anything but what are the janitors for?  Yeah they may clean the classrooms clean the cafeteria and stuff like that but most of the time it’s not even cleaned right. If we have dirty restrooms kids will end up getting sick why well because there is a lot of bacteria and germs just because the restrooms are dirty. Some kids will actually wait until they get home just to use the restroom and that also isn’t right. How will they make schools have cleaner restrooms you ask. Well the janitors can start cleaning the restrooms every day after the students leave the school. If we don’t have enough money to buy supplies to be able to clean the restrooms. Then we can raise money by doing car wash fundraiser and ect. The money that we end up getting we can use that to be able to buy stuff to clean the restrooms. This will really help kids from getting sick and it will help kids from having to wait until they get home.