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A 'Child Protection Conference' Arising from an Unlawful Process

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Dec 23, 2016 — Hello again Supporters,

so, here we are, the family not having once been listened to, no views or evidence sought from us, the children's voices repeatedly ignored, parental evidence that has been provided repeatedly ignored.

The steamroller that is social services, deciding what they want to decide regardless of the truth or facts, having breached many aspects of the Children Act, not least of which:

"41. Every assessment must be informed by the views of the child as well as the family."

"44. A high quality assessment is one in which evidence is built and revised throughout the process. A social worker may arrive at a judgement early in the case but this may need to be revised as the case progresses and further information comes to light. It is a characteristic of skilled practice that social workers revisit their assumptions in the light of new evidence and take action to revise their decisions in the best interests of the individual child.”

"46. The social worker should analyse all the information gathered from the enquiry stage of the assessment, including from a young carer’s, parent carer’s or non-parent carer’s assessment, to decide the nature and level of the child’s needs and the level of risk, if any, they may be facing. The social work manager should challenge the social worker’s assumptions as part of this process.”

Also having had all our questions and requests for Data Protection actions regarding inaccuracies and falsehoods on files ignored (at best acknowledgement of receipt, but no actual response) and being made to feel disempowered and disrespected throughout.

So how is it, that a process which has been conducted unlawfully, under an Act which states the best interests of the child is paramount and LAs must work in partnership with families, a child protection conference can be convened, after the children have on three occasions informed the social worker that they do not need their involvement, they are absolutely fine and social services involvement is causing them distress?

Isn't the Children Act about the voice of the child? Especially given that our children are older and very articulate in providing their views.

Every indication from our experiences has been that they have no intention of listening to the family, because they decided what they were intending to do from the outset. The LA employees making the referral had motives, it was never about genuine concern for our children - if it was, why have social services blatantly ignored the children stating they are well loved and supported and that the 'professionals' have got it wrong?

Why is the social worker ignoring direct questions from the children and insistent about how confident she is in her skills with children, when it's meant to be about the children? Why is the children's vividly vocalised distress at being forced to see a social worker against their will, clearly stating there is no need, being ignored?

It appears there is a determination to make there be something wrong when there isn't, to make decisions based on their deliberately one-track assertions.

Thank you for your continued support in sharing this petition.

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