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So What is the Point of Social Services, Especially for Autism Families?

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Dec 11, 2016 — Dear Supporters,

what do you think? Outside of saving children who actually do need saving from harm, what use are they?

1. they are not clinically or medically qualified (even to diagnose attachment difficulties, which anyway cannot be legitimately diagnosed when a child is autistic, research about that here and are just glorified administrators with opinions which are often way off the mark;
2. they do not understand autism or any of the issues around it;
3. they have a way of working to tick-boxes with many assumptions based on NT children and parents;
4. they cannot solve or treat an autistic child's difficulties;
5. their reactions are to blame parents and in some instances even involve unsuitable services like the police, who don't know how to handle autistics and misjudge behaviours;
6. SWs are often not parents themselves and even when so, have no idea how to parent an SEN child or the difficulties SEN parents face;
7. they cannot assist with school difficulties an autistic child is having or change the situation (e.g. prevent an exclusion, a school-refusal or the failures by the school);
8. they cannot make CAMHS competent at diagnosing or supporting an autistic child, or influence CAMHS decisions;
9. they cannot make a school place become available if the school has none;
10. they cannot influence council colleagues in the SEN department to do their jobs properly;
11. they usually set the bar way too high for respite (and from past experience, the short period of respite received did not meet the needs of an autistic child anyway);
12. they cannot influence decisions on family needs such as more suitable housing;
13. they just sit at meetings recording distorted and at times wholly untrue information, automatically believing other professionals that have made mistakes/lied, that just puts pressure on families, often entirely misjudges and misrepresents them and sees child protection issues where there are none and any ideas or opinions they have, are likely to be counter-productive, wrong and even harmful and destructive to autism families.

So what is the point of their involvement exactly?

Having had both children describe themselves as feeling "traumatised" following their meeting with the entirely autism ignorant social worker - who asked them extremely unethical, leading questions and with the younger child self-describing as being in an "emotional state" and "feeling depressed" since social services have been wrongfully interfering in our family, we can safely state that there is no point and it is in fact very harmful as well as unwarranted and unlawful.

Falsely accusing parents of emotional harm when * social services are the ones actually causing such a thing *, is called fabrication and also projection and therefore the hugest hypocrisy of all.

Thank you all for your continued support and sharing this petition on all the autism, community, disability and other forums and social media you can think of.

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