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Social Services' "Hypothesis", Confirmation Bias and Sham Investigations

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Nov 15, 2016 — Dear Supporters,

when blind-sided with the statement that I was being investigated for 'emotional harm' to our autistic children, I replied "Any investigation has to be based on truth and facts." The response I was given, was: "No, this is for emotional harm and I will be forming my hypothesis on that."

Aside from the sheer horror that someone in a position of power would admit that they have no intention of looking at facts and truth, how can anyone defend themselves against a "hypothesis"?

We all know people can see the same thing (or what superficially appears to be the same thing) from different perspectives.

But when social workers freely admit they know nothing about autism and then say they will form a hypothesis, it's clearly an outrageous proposition. The Rorschacht ink blot is a good example, that people can each draw their own interpretation of something. If you are not looking at truth and facts, but perspectives from a standpoint of ignorance and not knowing the people involved, how you have any hope of being correct?

When you also have no intention of asking for evidence from the people defending their position, when you conduct a completely one-sided investigation, you will never make accurate findings.

Would the police investigate an alleged crime without interviewing the suspect or the alleged victim? How can an investigation that seeks information from persons on one side only, be even called an investigation? It's a witch hunt and nothing else.

What is the definition of hypothesis?
1. a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation."

In this case, the only 'evidence' being erroneous opinions from autism-unaware professionals suffering confirmation bias. Supposition says it all.

And what is the definition of confirmation bias?

"confirmation bias
noun: confirmation bias
1. the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories."

The unfair and sad thing is, that as a parent I have been the one trying to protect our children's emotional and mental health, yet have been accused of the polar opposite, by professionals who are the ones that by their actions and failings, have in fact been responsible for such harm to our children.

Please consider if there is anyone you have not yet shared this petition with. Anyone who is a parent is at risk of falling victim to this scenario, with LAs acting unlawfully this way. If not you, it could be someone you know or love.

Please could you post on Facebook and other social media sites, relating to disability, autism, educational rights, social services injustices, false allegations, family, human rights etc. Your family and loved ones could come under threat from a "hypothesis". We are almost at 100 signatures, it would be great to break that barrier.

As it stands, a rearranged meeting (the first one having been cancelled by the social worker apparently because of a headache) of the children with the social workers has been demanded at short-notice, for which they have given virtually no notice, or enquiring as to availability, in spite of pre-existing important educational appointments which also involve other peoples' availability. Not one word has been said by the social worker about the distress being caused to our children by these demands, despite having been informed of the impact and it being against their will.

Is it lawful to make these demands, on the basis of an already unlawful set of actions? Thank you so much for your continued support.

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