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Misspending Tax Payers' Money on Wrongful Investigations

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Nov 16, 2016 — Dear Supporters,

do you ever wonder how much a child protection investigation costs? Someone somewhere out there must have an average figure. Of course, when a child is being harmed you don't think about the money, but when it's unwarranted, when it should never have got to the point it has, when people are deliberately pursuing something they know to be false it's surely an offence.

Of course there is also misconduct in public office. which is a criminal offence and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Sixteen people were invited to the strategy meeting. Among them were a paediatrician (average UK earning £105k p.a.), a CAMHS psychiatrist about the same salary, a senior CAMHS clinical psychologist minimum of £60k p.a., there was a school nurse, a policeman (yes, that's how criminal they make you feel) and a variety of others. When you consider a secretary to minute the meeting, plus social workers' wages, the amount must be astronomical. This is tax payers money being wasted on malicious and illegal referrals and investigations. Is this what the public would want? No wonder Victoria Climbies, Daniel Pelkas and Baby P's are happening. Social workers are too busy wasting time chasing innocent families to do their jobs properly.

I have come across many stories similar to ours, where parents of autistic children and children with other invisible disabilities have been wrongfully targeted by social services.

It's also happening to children with ME/CFS:

Interview with paediatrician Dr Nigel Speight regarding the false accusations against ME/CFS families (he talks about the ocean liner that gets going once they start the process, they don't want to stop)

Tim Gilling's NAS Safeguarding Conference January 2015 conference video - he and his wife were falsely accused of MSBP/FII: "Getting it Wrong: The Impact on Families":

It's not good enough. Public money wasted and frittered away (money that the LAs could be spending on these children's special needs, which instead they spend on fighting parents at SENDIST tribunals - ahem Baker Small anyone!)

But I keep going back, above all, to the harm they are causing children in this situation. It's all too often a lie that this is their genuine interest. If it was, they wouldn't destroy the emotional wellbeing of already vulnerable children. And if they want any proof?

The story of an autistic woman, as a child her parents were falsely accused of abuse for her behaviour, read about the lasting the trauma that professionals caused to her and her family:

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