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Should your autistic child face this if they ever become a parent?

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Nov 11, 2016 — Dear Supporters,

some, perhaps many of you, are autism parents yourself. Imagine, when your child becomes an adult, if they start their own family, only to find they too are discriminated against and misrepresented by the authorities. Imagine if your grandchildren's security and family life is threatened on the basis of those misrepresentations and lies about your grown child. This ill-treatment of and prejudice against autistics, has to end. If we don't make a stand now, it will continue for our future generations.

We know the Government is always making cut-backs, LAs therefore restricting provisions. It is the very reason why, parents have to battle so hard for our autistic children (we'd much rather not!). Why the NHS withholds diagnoses, why schools deny resources and why LAs will provide as little as possible and even then, make parents jump through multiple hoops to get them. It's why so many parents are forced into SENDIST tribunal situations. Why our children end up with mental ill-health, excluded, or school-refusing. Why WE the parents, end up carrying the can for so-called 'services'.

We autism mothers, are already researched to have stress levels equivalent to combat soldiers ( from caring for our vulnerable children. The authorities should be thanking us for doing the amazing job we do, respecting the hugely valuable role we perform in supporting our children unpaid. Parents do not make frivolous requests ( "Parents have the greatest struggle, they do not go into this lightly - they are worried about their child being labelled, I do not see frivolous requests.").

There is so much failure towards autistic females already ( You may have an autistic daughter. She could be me. She could be being traumatised by the authorities in retribution. Why should your daughter live with that threat hanging over her head? Why should mine? UK social services are already over-zealous, because they are judging autistic parents against a neurotypical benchmark they will always find autistics wanting, because we don't fit their rigid tick-boxes. Social care resources should not be misused for unwarranted child protection investigations against innocent families, that takes resources away from children who really do need such intervention. When a family has already been failed by 'services' on so many fronts, such an action is a gross injustice of vast proportions.

This petition is about more than just social services targeting an autism family, it's about state abuse; corruption; educational failures; NHS diagnostic failures and disability discrimination. So much of the population has a vested interest in these topics. So please share this petition with everyone you know who has a conscience; who is a parent; whose child has mental ill-health; who abhors injustice; who uses the education system; who values freedom of speech and honesty; who cares how their tax payers money is spent; who understands that a society is judged by the way it treats it's most vulnerable and who believes social services should intervene for genuinely harmed and abused children, not be used to punish innocent families. Everyone can find a reason to sign this petition. Please do your best to spread the word by emailing the link to friends and family and continuing to ask people to sign on social media.

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