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Facts About LA Parties Making SS Referral - All in LAs Own Education Department

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Nov 11, 2016 — Hello Again Dear Supporters,

it might interest you to know, that there were several parties joining to make this unwarranted SS referral, all in the LA's education department. As with thousands of fellow SEN parents, we had been forced to SEN tribunal to obtain suitable placements for our children. Three of the five 'colleagues' who took part in the referral, were present at the first SENDIST tribunal at which the LA fought us. Of the other two, one was responsible for paying ongoing LA home tuition for our child, off school with mental ill-health caused by school difficulties, the other was responsible for paying for SEN transport.

Consider to yourself, whether or not these people had an 'axe to grind'. I have been criticised for having SENDIST tribunals and it has supposedly emotionally harmed the children. Are they going to accuse the thousands of parents across the UK of emotional harm for going to tribunals they should never be given no choice but to do? We were successful on placements at both tribunals. The second tribunal was on paper alone via panel so we didn't attend, as the LA were barred for breach of tribunal rules. I was the person who applied to the judge for the barring. The person who was barred, was one of the SS referrers. The referral was made 15 days after this 2nd tribunal.

Our eldest child was keen to represent herself at her own tribunal to speak about how she wanted the placement. It was her choice and she is a teenager. How is that emotionally harmful? All the policies and guidance, the SEN Code of Practice talk about involving the child and the family and their voices being of such importance. All the paperwork done to support them, is done by myself electronically, the children are not involved in it. How is that emotionally harmful?

Surely children not being given a voice or treated as partners in their own education, or being forced into the wrong placements causing their mental health to decline, is what's emotionally harmful? Why do SS not recognise where the real harm comes from? Why are SS causing harm themselves?

There have been professionals who have misunderstood and misrepresented my own Asperger's. Painted me as an anxious parent, which is untrue. Once a professional writes something down, it is treated as fact by all other professionals. Social services have been provided and offered evidence that this and other false claims are untrue they have ignored this and repeated their lies in reports. Their (already unlawful) "investigation" has been utterly biased, they have not asked for any evidence or information from us, but accepted unwaveringly, opinions of professionals who: (1) do not understand autism (2) do not know us (3) are regurgitating falsehoods as fact (4) seem to have strong negative motives and (5) have committed service failings (including diagnostic failures) and want to avoid providing resources.

Please help end this injustice and ask your friends and acquaintances to sign and share.

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