Justice for Ms. Fuller

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Bryan Howard
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After 31 years of employment at Western Michigan University, Ms. Sherrie Fuller was informed that her position as Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs would be terminated at the end of the 2020-21 academic year. This came without any advance notice as she joined a Zoom meeting with her superiors where she was informed of the news at the end of May. Ms. Fuller has been a champion for WMU students -- and especially African American and Latinx students -- and many students credit her personally for being able to stay in school, succeed in their academic endeavors, and ultimately graduate. The university has no idea how much of a huge void will occur if her position is terminated. She has not been treated fairly by the administration and STUDENTS NEED TO HAVE THEIR VOICES HEARD about this situation!

It’s unfathomable the way she has been treated, seeing as though she has dedicated 31 great years to this university. She has personally changed my life and helped me not only become a better student but a better person as well. Ms. Fuller is the type to go above and beyond for students and especially those of color. She knows just what to say to you on the worst days to help you get by, she provides great insight on life changing decisions, she brings awareness to things that occur in the black community, she has a knack for always making students feel comfortable no matter who you are, and overall she is a helping hand that doesn’t stop giving. Just to give a brief description of who Ms. Fuller is difficult because there’s so much you can say to describe how much she means to students at Western Michigan University. 

By starting this petition, I’m in hopes that we can open the eyes of Ms. Diana Hernandez and Dr. Candy McCorkle, and show them what they will miss out by terminating her position. It is unjust and simply unfair how this wonderful woman is being treated after giving her all to this campus and to the students. She is a gem on this campus and needs to be preserved by any means.