women should be paid equal to men

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In Massachusetts women are paid 84.3 percent less than men. That means for every dollar a man is paid, a women is only paid 80 cents. That might not seem like a lot, but last year 513 billion dollars were lost in wages because of the wage gap. This means equal pay would add 513 billion dollars to the national economy. That's almost the entire GDP of Sweden. Women make up about half the workforce, and paying them equal to men would help the economy and cut women's family's poverty by more than half. That's crazy.

        I'm sure some men feel superior or don't think that it effects them, but guess what? It does. Especially if you're married and/or have kids. Think of it like this, your wife gets paid less than she should so you then have less money to send your kids to college, and to pay all of your bills. Also, if women go on maternity leaves they are not paid. Usually women go on leave for about 3 months, that's 3 months of money loss for your family. Despite this men get paid when they go on paternity leave so if they get paid why shouldn't women. There's no doubt that the wage gap is closing, but not fast enough. We can change that by paying women equally. Paying women equally positively affects men, women, and the economy in general. Sign this petition so we can make a change together.

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