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Stop Cutting County Services

We are asking you to sign this petition and request that Nassau County RAISE your property taxes 2% for the year (Roughly $65 for the year or $0.18 a day per household on the average tax bill).  Why ... because Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is in the process of decimating Nassau County. He has already cut county services by cutting hundreds of jobs from the county's workforce, and has now further cut services by closing two of the eight Nassau County Police precincts, with plans to close two more. He has now also cut millions in funding to various important and needed social service programs. He says he is doing all of this in the interest of saving you, the taxpayer, money. But what he doesn't tell you is how much money. Only $0.18 a day! That's right, for a tiny 2% increase in the county portions of your total tax bill all of this misguided, politically motivated nonsense will stop. The county will not have to close any more police precincts, will not have to layoff any more county workers, will be able to restore funding to important social service programs and will probably be able to rehire most of the county workers recently laid off.

Also, here's something you probably didn't know. Nassau County HAS NOT raised its general or county police taxes in approximately TEN YEARS! How can the county function properly while basic everyday expenses such as fuel for county vehicles or health insurance for county workers have increased dramatically, but the county hasn't increased revenues to fund these increases? The answer is they can't, and no matter how many times those in power say they can do more with less, they do LESS with less and have to cut services.

It seems like everyday there is another robbery or shooting, or burglary or home invasion, or DWI involved crash in the news. This is not the time to be further cutting Police services. For $0.18 a day you will have more police on the job protecting your family and fighting the currently increasing crime rate. We need more police services not less and we need those important social service programs that our residents rely on. Just like we need more county DPW workers to repair our deteriorating roads, and more parks and recreation workers to staff and maintain the parks, pools, and beaches that we enjoy here in Nassau County. 

In these tough times, you may say I can't afford another penny in taxes, but you should ask yourself can you afford what will happen if these draconian cuts continue in Nassau County. Will crime continue to increase? Will our county roads and parks deteriorate to an unsightly and unusable condition? And will your property values decrease as a result? All things considered, you can't afford to NOT ask for this miniscule tax increase. Our county and our way of life are definitely worth $0.18 a day.

If you are a RESIDENT of Nassau County, please sign this petition and tell Ed Mangano to stop his misguided and misinformed quest. The People of Nassau County do not mind paying county taxes to receive the excellent county services they deserve, and are requesting a small 2% increase in county taxes to keep the county they love exactly the way they love it. If you are NOT A RESIDENT, I ask you to please NOT sign our petition, but forward it to someone who lives in the county so they may do so.

Thank You.

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