18 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Allan Chidziva

Petition for current union president to resign because of illegitimacy; the constitution states that office bearers should be subscribing members.

1. Deviation from mantra, that is:

a). Projects--- Union was founded on merit to fund district projects to empower and emancipate members. The Union was unveiled on 14 February 2021 with a subscription of $100 RTGS and has within a space of 2 years increased subscriptions twice. On both scenarios without consultative agreements with members or any financial statements to determine merit of proposed increases. The latest (proposed) increase from 660 RTGS to $3000 is believed to have been already deducted before any consultations. The Union should fund projects as per our agreement according to district membership.

Due consideration should be that group of people nearing retirement, we need funding as soon as yesterday because there is no yardstick for project viability, if so let it be known to members.

b).  Physical office--- There was no consultations with members for this as we agreed we were all teachers running a union virtually hence no need for expenses to employ someone to man the office. There is no need for a physical office because we agreed, at Allan Wilson on 28 May, that EUZ is for teachers so no one would be staying there plus it would be expensive.

2. Dictatorship

a). Personalizing the union is uncalled for, ending up victimizing members through:

i). removal of early stage leaders from EUZ and TCBM. Removed members to be reinstated with immediate effect so that they are given that chance to defend themselves.

ii). muting of provincial WhatsApp groups is seen as ploy to silence members from airing their own opinions hence no interaction on projects therefore stifling freedom of expression and association 

iii). heavy handedness, de-campaigning and dethroning some Provincial and District officers

iv). suspensions for example someone got suspended just because he asked about the 8 roomed mansion office at 65 Duncan.

v). insults calling members all sorts of names and even calling one's mom stupid, this is uncalled for, treat members with all the respect they deserve.

vi). termination of membership, president or whoever in the NE has no power whatsoever to dismember a person just because the member is in disagreement with him or her.

vii). threats, treat members normally as adults not as early childhood development kids.

viii). forced resignations and faked resignations. This is an unforgivable offense. All those victims of forced resignations should be reinstated.

3. Physical meetings not to be done unnecessarily unless urgent, adherence to constitution. For example a PC coming from Mutare to Bulawayo just to read reports, that could be done virtually.

We also want funded provincial and district meetings.


4. Updates of problems encountered by the Union reciprocally, that is, from members to leaders and vice versa.

This is mainly in relation to SAH, salary cessation and suspensions among others. We want to know the lists of affected comrades per province and district.


5. Our leaders are to be strictly subscribers. It came to our knowledge that some of the NE members are not subscribers at the same time they are the ones enjoying the fruits of our labour and sweat. The constitution is clear in this one that a member is " a teacher employed in the ministry and subscribing to the union"

6. Provincial Chairs should not decide anything before consulting members. One person can not decide for a province of more than 200 members.

The fact that they are in office does not mean they have got powers to make decisions, that's unheard of!!!


7. No to recruitment targets, that is demand for 50 recruited members to be incentivised. 

There should be equal distribution of data or cushion to all members since NE members are getting Data allowance, Food allowance, and Christmas incentive.


9. Recognition of other leaders, ie province and district executive, for efforts in mobilising and motivating 

10. Adherence to constitution on:

a). Membership and

b). Procurement

11. Adherence to agreed budget columns in financial transactions, not one person ordering what to finance. That's inhumane and not called for.

12. Leaders to have a listening ear, not just citing infiltration when one points out grey areas or disagree with Tafadzwa or Zhou.

Thank you.

From disgruntled EUZ members.

FUBU. (For Us By Us)

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Signatures: 32Next goal: 50
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