Strict action to be taken against the inconsiderate education system of Cambridge A levels

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I personally along with my co-students were a victim of harassment by the Cambridge international examinations held in 2018. We experienced it first hand as we were forced to study long hours way past our bedtime in order to achieve a considerable grade and still failed to reach Cambridge's unachievable standards. We are confident that we weren't the only ones who fell a victim of this harassment as this has been going on for multiple years in the recent past and there's nobody to help us. We've tried to report these struggles to our respective teachers and administration but they shut us down as they thought that a grade on a piece of paper i far more important that our mental and physical health. Alot of others told us to remain silent on the issue but we will not as it is our right to go to sleep at night and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We've been silenced for too long regarding this case of harassment and we are a victim as well as a witness of others being harassed. We've finally decided to voice our concerns and so should you as harassment is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. This delicate issue needs to be solved with urgency. We are not quite and neither should you be.

The purpose of this petition is to make sure that no child, student or otherwise, has to go through such a traumatic experience ever again. And all those involved in these crimes, are punished by law. 

It also promotes strict action to be taken against the silent supporters of these heinous acts.

#metoo #timesup