Eliminate the barrier of speech and speechless

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In last many years schools have introduced various new foreign languages in the academic syllabus to prepare the students for their future. ( obviously from the guidelines of the board they follow ). During my schooling Sanskrit was introduced as a third language which was later made compulsory and there on foreign languages like Russian, Japanese, French, German etc were also introduced. I believe the idea behind introduction of these foreign language was to prepare the child for his future,and rightly so. One needs to know the language first to break any barrier of adjustment.
Apart from this schools also teach languages in computers java, pascal , c++ etc Showing we not only need to break the barriers with humans but also with machines.
Now coming to my point.how many of us know how to communicate with those who cannot speak. Neither are they foreigners nor aliens nor machines, yet we cannot because we have never bothered to learn their language- The Sign language.
We are comfortable to ignore this most important language that each one of us should know.
Haven’t we restricted the people with hearing disability to a community of their own. They are intelligent, friendly, willing to learn and seek a job but just because we donot know how to communicate with them we tend to ignore or avoid being around them.
What if sign language is also introduced as a choice of language to be learnt at school.
If not all , if-not many maybe a few, just a handful may learn and then more and then more.. that’s what is the trend with mankind.. ain’t it? It should be compulsory to learn few basic signs how are you, do you need help, smile please, etc... This can be part of personality development of child and then if the child wants he can develop his skill further
I see a future .. everyone communicating with those who cannot speak-but carry the same emotions, no unemployment for them not because they do-not qualify for the job but because we do-not qualify to hire them. The government has already started sensitizing with their problems and has build disable friendly railway stations, malls etc but what about their adaptability in all respects.

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