To Include Snake Safety Awareness in Educational Curriculum

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Every year more than 50000 people die due to snakebite in India lack of awareness and ignorance on snakes and snakebite emergencies is the main reason, here plays the choked up information,  deep rooted myths false beliefs fueling the neglected issue 

Children, Men and women all form Rural and farmer communities are the mostly affected people loosing their limbs and lives without proper information that can save them from the agonizing death

Organized comprehensive efforts are Required  in the ground to cover the geographical sectors around India and to reach the mass diversified populace among them  Creating awareness is the most necessary base line work to be carried out in the front line to mitigate snakebite and deaths 


Including SNAKE SAFETY as a syllabus in Educational Curriculum 

       Educating the Younger generation  with reliable information about snakes will hell them understand the  ecological importance of snakes leading to Protect  the species from being haunted and killed due to fear and misunderstanding further helps in Preventing Snakebite at the first place of reducing Human Snake Conflicts and Conserve the Endangered Protected Species 

Educating the younger generation with Snakebite and emergency management and treatment procedures will direct them towards governmental hospitals without wasting the life saving golden time in unauthorized and dangerous native trials 

With agriculture as the backbone of India Most of India is Rural populace with Agri and farming as their profession or work and unlike developed countries here 95% of farmers are below marginalized and Small farmers. We all owe millions of thanks to the farmers, because without them our dinning tables and plates will be empty. If you feel this responsibility this is the right time to show your thanks through a simple sign in this petition and spread it to you friends 

above all Snakebite Can happen to Anybody in India due to the Rich nature & coexisting Eco friendly culture of the country

to save Children, women and Farmers of Rural communities please contribute your signature  

Now or Never

We are at the right time 

 The educational system are to be revised soon if we loose it now ,This will happen only after ten years but by the time of 10 years 

50000 death per year x 10 years  = 500000 (5 lakhs and more ) deprived peopel would loose their life 

Together we  can make a good change

Both Conserve the species (Protecting Snakes) and Saving Humans 

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