Students Protest Against College Fees

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During this pandemic, COVID-19, educational institutes that shape out the citizens of tomorrow, should be sensitive and responsible towards the needs and financial condition of the students. Given this situation. institutions should not demand full fees at a deadline especially considering the lack of use of facilities and non happening of classes in the campus. It is a kind request from all the students of GD Goenka University to the Authorities concerned to take note of the fact that hostels were emptied latest by 15 March 2020 and all students were back home. However, with a very minimal concession, The University has still asked for hostel fees and has also sent a mail regarding payment of tuition fees with a notice of the commencement of the "virtual semester". It is a kind request to charge fees proportional to the facilities availed. As per the notice of Ministry and guidelines issued by UGC and BCI, it is a request to not charge such high fees and keep in consideration the sensitive yet dynamic situation of the current pandemic that is affecting the emotional and financial state of students, as well as parents.

We, therefore, seek to resolve this issue and request all the authorities concerned to take necessary steps and resolve this at the earliest.