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Educational Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Kids


Kids without homes and kids without families need all the help they can get, especially access to secure educational opportunities.

For most homeless kids, and those in foster care, they are needlessly ripped from their schools, or worse, kept out of school all together. School is the one stable factor in their lives. And this population doesn't have a powerful lobby.

But legislation has recently (11/09) been introduced in the US Senate to help both populations.

The "Educational Success for Children and Youth Without Homes Act of 2009," S. 2800, and

The "Fostering Success in Education Act of 2009," S. 2801

will strengthen educational opportunities for kids without homes and/or without parents in their lives.

The Senate is the target for this petition.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
Most of us take access to school for granted. Millions of kids in our country without homes or lacking involved parents often find themselves ripped from security of their schools because they don't have a home or parents.

Recently introduced legislation, The “Educational Success for Children and Youth Without Homes Act of 2009,” S. 2800, and the “Fostering Success in Education Act of 2009,” S. 2801, address systemic shortfalls and improve on existing policies.

We can give no better gift to any child in this country than access and stability of education. I urge your support of these 2 essential bills.

Thank you!

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