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Education Should Be For Everyone!

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Many illegal students nationwide work rigorously and many, although at the top of their class, waste all of this effort and talent and end up being deported or working odd jobs to make ends meet after high school only to be deported later on in life. This talent should not be wasted because these students have potential to be the future leaders of America. Colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other prestigious institutions accept applicants every year who are never able to attend because of their illegal status These students many times are afraid of being deported or cannot pay because of lack of scholarships. The US says they cannot deport children, but at the age of 18 the children can be sent back. These children's lives are then ruined because many times they will not be able to get a good education after being deported for many reasons. These hard working human beings deserve to live in the United States more than some natural born citizens, and we are hurting our nation by sending away talent to foreign nations. As a legal immigrant of the United States, I have seen the challenges changing countries can have on a student, but I have also seen that the families who immigrate are usually very hardworking. I am not asking to let all illegal immigrants stay; only let the ones who will help our nation become a better one stay. This one click can save many people's lives and help our nation!





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