Stop Children being exposed to LGBQT lectures.

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What gives schools the right to include the teaching of alternative gender roles in our schools.

Although the under 16's think they understand the way of the world the progressives of the 'LGBQT'  (Gay Pride etc.etc) community are encouraging kids into questioning their sexuality.

Confusing children with all this non-essential information shouldn't be condoned or encouraged even in the name of 'diversity' and 'gender fluidity, a word made up by adults with no real identity.

Forcing this rubbish on vulnerable kids means that they will lose their own identity. 

Parents should be monitoring their own childrens wellbeing at home but should expect that school's should shield them from such poison.

When children turn 16 and into young adults they can study their options and make an educated decision. 

Beware the Multicoloured Flag it ask's the question's but doesn't have to deal with the repercussions.

I've already contacted my own childs school who seem to think it's part and parcel of the modern world, there is always an agenda.

I've no problem with being gay but I do with the indoctrination of our kids.

Children are our future,we must protect and guide them.