Justice to state teacher awardees

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Every year during "Teacher's day", State Govt. falicitate Teachers for their exemplary work in the field of education by awarding them by chief minister. This award is very special to any person and along with this Govt. provide one-year service extension to state awardees and 2 years extension to national awardees.

One of such cases, Mrs. Sita Devi Mahajan was Nominated & awarded with state teacher award in September 2013 when she was very proud of her dedicated work and restless service to the nation through education.

But, she forgot that she is working in INDIA , the incredible India, which is in the dirty hand of beaurocrats , ministers and corrupted leaders. Even after following the procedure since last 6 months, the Education department misplaced the file intentionally to irritate and get some bribe for favour.

It will fill your eyes with tears and you can imagine her situation and sense of pride that "From last one month she is going from level to level, door to door, office to office, but no one is there to help her". To that level, not even the court is giving STAY. Court has again sent file to IAS education secretary for decisoon till 29th Dec 2018. Hahaha the last working day of year.... useless court system

Unfortunately, 31st Dec 2018 is her day in service and she will feel unfair unethical and injustice to her for the whole of her life.

Today, i as son of this proud lady feeling ashamed to be son of India, especially Himachal pradesh. Corrupt governments and their officer have made life hell of common man.

Anyways, Left to GOD for justice. May the guilty get the punishment in his court.