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Make it compulsory for schools to monitor mental health and emotional well being

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There is clear evidence of a pandemic of mental ill health affecting children in childhood and adolescence. The children’s mental health charity Place2Behas found that one in 10 children aged between five and 16 (three in every classroom) has a mental health problem, and many of these problems persist into adulthood. Infact, 90% of all our adult pain is due to negative emotions trapped inside of us and stored as Emotional baggage. Those energies stay with us and disrupt our lives. They cause self sabotage and lead to physical disease in the body. Half of those with lifetime mental health problems first experienced symptoms by the age of 14, and among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70 per cent in the past 25 years. Experts predict than in 10 years from now, mental health related issues, will be the leading cause of death.

This paints a shocking picture of the future for the next generation, if we don't begin to value our children's mental health and happiness above their grades and academic achievements.

Viewing the 'WHOLE' child is of the utmost importance and a view that must be promoted in homes, schools and communities, in order to avoid the predicted outcomes, which would be disastrous for us all. 

Unless schools are urged to acknowledge and monitor this, society will fail to understand the importance of putting wellbeing and mental health at the heart of developing a long-term approach to boosting the life chances of all children. 

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