Education for ALL During Lockdown

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Computers and Internet for ALL during Lockdown

The impact of COVID-19 isn’t just impacting our health system and economy in more socially deprived areas, but our education and mental health too; although young people in private schools are continuing their education through online learning, there are many more obstacles to overcome learning in state schools and young people aren’t receiving a basic education which is their right.

A survey last month (Teacher Tapp’s survey of teachers in the UK ) showed that in the most deprived schools 1/3rd students wouldn’t have access to an adequate device for learning from home, neither did they have internet access. Although 21% schools were providing students with devices, this was lowest in the most deprived schools where the need is highest.

The Secretary of State (Gavin Williamson) has announced laptops and 4G routers for vulnerable or disadvantaged learners have prioritised year 10 students however, this needs to be extended to the vulnerable and disadvantaged across all year groups.

Please SIGN this urgent petition which urges the government to provide laptops and 4G routers to those who cannot receive their right, a basic education.

The study shows that 50% teachers in private schools are receiving more than ¾ homework; 27% in the most advantaged state schools and just 8% in the least advantaged which is also dropping in quality.

If young people aren’t able to gain access to online education (which is also their right) either, what can we do to help them now? As we know, if we don't act now, the ramifications of this will be seen in future years as the disparity and gap widens. Most students will not return to school until September which means by then they would have had no access to education for six months.  We can prevent this getting worse now by:-

1. Providing a laptop for each vulnerable and underprivaledged student as this will help them gain access to education which is their right

2. Ensuring 4G connection for each of these students to enable them access to education, teachers and keyworkers

By providing these, all students will have an education which is their right.

By students having access to their education they're less likely to suffer the anxiety, stress and depression at being excluded which is why this is so important to Julian Campbell Foundation.


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