Education on mental health

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There are so many misconceptions and assumptions about mental health throughout the world. I constantly hear and see people generalizing mental disorders which in turn creates a stigma causing a tremendous amount of ignorance. Mental disorders are a result of a physical and psychological change within the brain and cannot be "wished" away. Because words such as "anxiety" and "depression" are so easily used it can cause those who have these illnesses feel like they are overreacting and isolate them more than they already are. Although not everyone will ever have the same opinion on mental health it is imperative to educate the public on the truth to these disorders. Education is the key to understanding and raising awareness to those who currently suffer. I know so many people who are truly affected by the assumptions thrown around in the world. We can change how mental health is perceived by our society. Mental illnesses are much like a broken bone, just as there is a change in the structure of the bone the same is shown within the brain. We see the severity of the broken bone easily but it is difficult to understand what we cannot physically see. Education not only helps those who do not understand but it also aids those who are negatively affected. It is time to act.