Regulation in private school fees

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Fees hikes every Year: This is our observation that the Private school are increasing their fee every year at an average rate of 10-15% and in some case it is even much more than that which is what happened in DPSG Gurgaon where fees got hiked 80% for 2017-2018 session. It’s a very high percentage. The reasons given by school on fees hike are inflation, teachers’ salary needs to be increased & whatever fees hike has been done on approval of PTA members every year. Whenever parents are asking schools for sharing PTA list & their MOM where fees hikes has been approved by PTA. School are not sharing those details with parents. Private schools are not following any fees regulation acts. Now a days schools are becoming so rude that they are not ready to listen any of government body like Education officier, Deputy Director of education department & even Director of education department. Parents are continuously following with the local Government bodies to take actions on schools & Schools are disobeying orders given by these Bodies. All India parents association is asking our government in Center, HRD - India, All states CMs & EMs the questions that why are we so passionate to run Education future of India on Private institutes? Does HRD India not capable of opening of Government schools & Running them in all states with one Sylabus across India? Why Should Government not closing or taking over private schools as they are becoming Profiting organizations & Making profits? Why Our Government & Government bodies are unable to control fees hikes? Why privates schools are not listening Government bodies once they got approval to run the schools? Why government is not putting upper cap for Fees of private schools? Why should Parents pay more than INR. 50K to INR 7Lacs for taking admissions in privates schools? When Government will stops this non-sense activities of so called charitable trust running educational institute with high educational cost? Why Government is not running One nation, One education program in all schools including government schools?