Improvisation of Malaysian Education Systems

Improvisation of Malaysian Education Systems

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The quality of our education is not preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is currently taking place. As such, Malaysia is the hub to supply expert category resources which will be dismissed in the near future. This is a petition for our Government to revise our education systems immediately and at the very least derive a 5-year plan to revamp the Malaysian education system.

Our Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir has given great emphasis on education as part of his speeches. He had been to many countries especially to China to look out for various opportunities in this space.

The reality has been that we are still lagging behind, yet we Malaysians have not seen a concrete plan being derived and implemented. Please find the video trails and articles so that as a reference/reminder how much importance we need to give to change our education system.

Hence, we would like the education ministry to pledge that they improve the quality of our education systems with a great emphasis on improvement. We need to train our young and it has to be started at the grassroots level.

Emphasizing further, in a few speeches by Dr.Maszlee, he had been promising to ensure that our education systems will be not testing us through examination with the traditional classroom environment. Instead, our Malaysian Education systems will be experiential-based learning which prepares the student for their future.

Looking at the progress, we as Malaysians are very concerned as a whole and need the Ministry of Education to immediately to give high priority to our education system’s transformation.

These are few extents that need to be improved in alignment with what has been perceived from our Tun Dr.Mahathir vision. Nevertheless, we are not omitting other important subjects but these subjects will help to open up more opportunities for those.

1) English

We should raise the standard of Bahasa Malaysia. Nevertheless, the importance of improvising English for Malaysian should not be ignored. English has been the international communication language for the public and private sectors alike. This initiative has to be planned properly on the implementation to accommodate both spoken and written English.

As planned earlier, we need to immediately introduce Cambridge English in our syllabus. The quality of the English teachers has to be uplifted and if required additional resources need to be engaged to look into the teaching methods. Hence, both spoken and written English has to be given high importance.

2) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Learning should be an experiential and fun process and should not intimidate student and stress them further. The current system to teach math and science can further extemporised if we introduce commercialized techniques to simplify further mathematics and science. On the contrary, all these improvised techniques will intrigue interest in student to learn the subjects.

I appeal to the government to look into our current teaching methods for both these subjects to simplify the techniques and serve the purpose of learning by life experiential instead of teaching it as theoretical subjects. We also believe that the ministry of education should have a serious look into reconstructing the syllabus. Needless to say, the teachers too have to be trained to teach such methodologies to ease delivering the subjects to the students.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening and yet we are still moving backward on the education systems. A quality education system has to be revised and needs to be adapted for the benefits of the students to face the future of technology. Hence, the education ministry has to put more stress on Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Artificial Intelligence. This education has to be nurtured from the schooling days so that we can create students with more creative mindsets instead of still relying on traditional education systems. Furthermore, knowing the importance of technologies in upcoming years and preparing our students to adapt to them is important, some of our neighboring countries such as Thailand and Singapore who have been integrating programming languages into their school curriculum can be quoted as an example of such adaptation.

3) Introduction of Tamil and Chinese as an elective subject in every school including SRJK(T & C), SK and SMK

The education ministry has to address the importance of Tamil and Chinese languages. Inherently, the students have to be provided an option to select these languages as elective subjects in schools. These two major world languages will further benefit Malaysians to interact with the world and ultimately bring new business opportunities to Malaysia. To complement further, understanding these languages will cultivate the togetherness among Malaysians. As we all know, Dr.Maszlee himself is able to speak Chinese fluently. Hence, Malaysian economic development is greatly dependent on the oncoming generations’ ability to communicate in these languages to adapt globalization.

4) Financial Literacy for students

Despite recent Malaysia’s financial challenges, we are still ignoring the importance of providing financial literacy for school students. Many types of researches have shown that a country’s economic growth strongly depends on money management. Therefore, educating on financial acumen during the critical period of childhood will not only cultivate and develop children’s financial behaviors but it also can benefit in perpetuity and greatly improve many other aspects of their life.

My main aim in getting the petition signed is to ensure our Malaysian education system to improve further. Furthermore, I do not see why we should postpone the plan any longer while Khat art within Bahasa Malaysia can be decided and implemented in a short span of time despite many challenges.

We believe in resisting or delaying this education process will result in Malaysians not able to cope up with the international market.


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