Mandatory SexEd for children

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Sex education is lacking behind in our country as it is still considered to be a taboo in our nation. 

The recent ban on advertisements of condoms between 6am to 10pm is clearly an example where having safe sex and having hygiene is considered less important than hiding the fact that sex really exists. 

While universities in USA sets up free Condoms Vending machine, the government of India bans the telecast of condoms ads on television. As they think it's irrelevant and majorly affects the mentality of children.

It wouldn’t be anymore surprising for me to hear them to ban the Sanitary pad's ads too. As none of the children should go and ask their mom," Mummy even you use this diaper".

Lack of SexEd also results in more and more rapes. 

One of the recent examples would be:

A Class 5th boy was taken into custody for sexually harassing and raping a 7 year old school mate in school premises in the city of Gaziabad in UP. Report says that he twigged a wooden object in the private part of the girl that caused her grievous injury.

Nothing makes something more interesting to explore than declaring it a taboo. 

A proper SexEd and sanitary knowledge is a must to prepare a more responsible next generation.

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