Exams or our lives?

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We're writing this in reference to our exams which are being held within 7 days as soon as lock down will be over as per the orders passed by Barkatuallah university, Bhopal. We're already worried about our health due to the spreading of Covid-19 which is already been declared pandemic worldwide. The only precaution and prevention of which is social distancing and staying at home. But we students of colleges affiliated to Barkatuallah vishvavidhyalay, Bhopal, are urged to be prepared for our exams starting after lock down.

We students are only willing to give exams if the government ensures us the safety of our lives from covid-19 because many of the students will have to travel from their hometowns to Bhopal which makes it more complex as this migration is a major reason of spreading of Corona. 

We plea to the M.P. Government that either our exams shouldn't be held untill the situation outside becomes normal and Corona gets controlled, or please consider the idea of general promotion of the students for this semester. As our career and future depends on the fact that we should stay safe and stay home. Our Parents are also worried about this and not allowing us to give exams. 

We, the students and the parents, request you to accept our plea and postpone our exams till the situation gets controlled or generally Promote the students to next semester for this session.