Inclusion of Financial Education in the school level course curriculum of Nepal.

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Financial decisions are a part life and are to be made by everyone regardless of their age or profession. Teaching children about money management and the availability of various financial services, according to their level of understanding, is crucial. If we are able to teach these concepts of saving, insurance, investment and entrepreneurship from a younger age, it will be developed as a habit.

Financial issues should be talked about with children of the household as well. Since they are to make key financial decisions in the future, they should be included in financial decisions and make them aware about the financial position of their families. 

Education is a basic right for all individuals, but so is financial education. Children should be exposed to the world of finance as early as possible in order to equip them to make sound financial decisions. Financially literate citizens leads to an economically and financially developed nation. So please support us to help develop Financial Basics as a separate course for schools in Nepal.