Education for everyone.

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I am a graduate who's wanting to take admission for further studies and do MBA.

Not being financially stable was stopping me to take admission, but later i heard about education loan provided in India under Vidya Lakshmi.

So i took loan from my relative and paid the fees in college, which supposedly is a AICTE recognized college and an A category college. 

My parents due to financial problem were unable to pay few installments of the loan taken by them and as a result their CIBIL SCORE is less then accepted. My parents being the co-applicant in my education loan, Banks check their CIBIL SCORE which is less then 600. 

Now i want to do MBA from a recognized college which has 100 % placement offer. Me being the loan payer at the end my education is dependent on my parents credit score which is unfair.

Please tell me how am i suppoe to get educated and improve my family's financial situation if i am not getting any support from Banks because of RBI guidelines.

Are only kids of a well to do family eligible for further studies ? If we kids from not so good financially capable family don't study how will we get out of that situation.

India is a fastest growing economy with children unable to study because of their parents credit records.

We talk about make in India and a lot of things like that whereas future of India, the youths are unable to even study after graduation and make change.

Please share this and help me get education loan, because i don't want the life i am in right now. I DEMAMD CHANGE.