Mandatory Behavioral and mental health classes in schools

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Cases of violence in schools and educational institutions have relatively increased in the past decade,causing a massive distraction in the basic purpose that education is meant to fulfill. In order to help our young generation, we definitely need to take actions towards incorporating a healthy , happy and peaceful learning environment for our kids in the schools.

How it is possible ? 

What steps we need to take in order to overcome this problem.?

If incorporated, how this impact our community ? 

Our children's are mostly affected by the environment in schools as they spend most of their time there. 

Children in India are mostly affected by the downtrodden and undeserved environment that they are provided in their schools where they spend most of their time .

We as responsible citizens, can definitely help this cause by signing this petition to our honourable Minister of Education. Help me to help our own kids grow mentally strong for the better future tomorrow. 

Behavioral and mental health of kids plays a very important role in overall development.

Teaching or training them the ways to manage themselves, provides them with an opportunity to comprehend their own behaviour.

Hence , having Mandatory Behavioral and Mental Health classes in schools will encourage our kids to grow better coping skills which in turn will  help them deal with anxiety and other mental health issues they encounter in school life . 

What is included in the basic needs of our children ? 

Children's basic needs include - they enjoying a secure and safe environment, while being essentially heard and understood  at all their places of learning, whether be it home or their school. 

Such classes would help our kids develop better understanding of life, and provide them with a chance to learn to accept and respect everyone equally.

Inculcating values in lives of our kids life is an essential part of the purpose of sending them to school.

While primary education is considered a necessity, Behavioral and Mental Health must also become an essential part of the syllabus and curriculum of a child's quotidian life .

So, let's do this and ensure that the future is left to prosper in the hands of balanced and well-valued citizens of tomorrow. Together we can , and we will make a difference.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr kritika.B