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Thorough checking in schools

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Private schools nowadays have become a source of money-making. In the name of tution fees, books , picnic, annual function on props, etc. they take huge amount of money from parents. These schools must be forced to undergo thorough checking including the teachers and principal as they are involved in this money making. Almost half of the population in our country consists of middle class family that can't afford such education for their children. It is now perceived that the students studying in private schools are often provided good education and facilities that reveal their inner talents and skills, thus middle class families enroll their children in such private schools and become victim of these money-making Giants.

Following things should be taken into notice:

1. Every year schools increase their fees about 10-20%.

2. It becomes compulsory to enroll your child in tution, canteen ( lunch and breakfast must be consumed by children from the school's canteen only) and transportation fees.

3. Every year for attracting new students, they publish their school magazine which has huge amount, also they tell students to promote their schools by exaggerating features about school's education system, their campus, etc.

4. Organizing alumini's day and annual day, they take fees in the name of registration as alumini and costumes in annual function. Also after this function they provide DvDs and photographs by pleasing children that they are visible in the photos while they are merely identified in them.

5. Books and notebooks must be taken from schools only. We need to take all the notebooks which aren't needed and that can't be used in the next year.

6. No proper communication after admission of children. The group of person at reception are undergraduates and don't have proper communication skills. They avoid communicating with parents and have ill-attitude towards parents who stand for their word.

7. Principals and trustees just care during the admissions and fake "caring" about our child. They'll tell you that your child will be safe and will learn new activities and skills, but after admissions they just don't care about the child anymore.


The only way to confront this problem is by sending educated professionals for thorough checking in schools. As there is income tax raid for businessmen , similarly there should be education-raid for these private schools.

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