To ensure safety of children in school

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A 7year old boy found dead in school washroom  in Delhi by bus conductor  same day A five-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a peon inside the premises of a private school and both  school's first response was to deny any responsibility. 

As a mother of 5year old I am very concerned for my sons safety. I was shocked  scared and now am outraged when will it stop. When can we feel safe letting our child go to school. Our children spend several hours in the school every day. It is the school’s responsibility to impose security measures for the safety of children. If we trust them with our children, they should ensure they have the conditions to keep them safe.

The education minister has the authority to make all schools  more accountable. Ask him to issue a directive that all the schools must

- Take full responsibility for the safety and security of all children during school hours

- Form a sexual harassment committee comprising of teachers and parents

- Conduct full background checks for all the employed and contractual staff

- Install CCTV cameras in and around the school compound
- Live streaming of CCTV cameras should be made available to parents
- Outside workers (such as labourers) must not be allowed in the campus during school hours.
- separate washroom for children and staff.
- Personal Safety Education program in the school curriculum that includes training the teachers and non-teaching staff

This is about our precious children. This is the least we can ask from the schools!
Join me in asking the Education Minister of India to issue a directive to all schools in country  to impose security measures for the safety of children.