Remove reservations for all religions and caste from schools and colleges

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Reservations were introduced in all fields mainly during the the freedom struggle. However I feel admissions into schools and colleges should be only on the basis of merit. 

If you feel that your caste or religion needs reservation , is it not similar to saying you feel that that percentage of students from your caste or religion  will not get into the college or school if selection is on the basis of merit.

Thing is, as soon as one caste or religion got reservations all castes and religions began asking for reservations and the only solution to this problem is to not give any caste reservations.

India is a secular country which means that all religions should be given equal importance. There is a very fine line between reservations and discrimination.

Think of it this way: if someone is trying to get into college without reservations they may not get the college of their choice while someone who gets lesser marks may get into a better college.

Some may argue that the ones one year ago got reservations , why not them ? I must say to them that they must be a part of change. Change is only natural, to postpone it is dumb and avoid it is impossible.