Appeal for NO physical examinations for Chennai Universities

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During this unfortunate time, when Tamil Nadu is a red zone with 27k cases and increasing by the day, it is completely ridiculous to hold physical examinations in Chennai’s universities and colleges. If something does happen to a student whilst these physical examinations and they do test positive, or are in serious and fatal conditions, will the University take responsibility? Because that will be on them. As a University that takes decisions on the whole, you will be responsible for a student contracting it or something fatal because of holding these physical exams. If Anna University is not willing to take responsibility for a student contracting it, then they should not conduct these examinations. Here’s several other reasons why they should NOT: 

-Several colleges are being used as Covid-19 quarantine wards.

-Students will have to travel from their hometowns all over the country to return to Chennai(Red Zone) just to write their physical exams and expose themselves to other students that have travelled or come from containment zones or asymptomatic students which is not safe for the travelling student or anyone they further interact with. 

-During this travel, not only do they come across several other possibly infected and asymptomatic people but they have a higher change of bringing it to the state and further spreading it during the physical examinations.

- After returning to Chennai, students are REQUIRED to quarantine for 14 days. Where will they be able to quarantine? And how will all the students be able to return to chennai at the same time to also have a quarantine period of 14 days at the same time and write their exams after?

-These are NOT graciously given holidays, it is a global pandemic and there are several issues going on in each household regarding finances, work, mental health, etc. it is not the time to add onto that.

-Other students residing in Chennai live with their families whose members might be highly prone to contracting it/have underlying conditions or are senior citizens. It is not right to let students expose themselves to a large gathering environment where people have come from all over the country to go back home and spread it there as well. 

-Similarly, even the teachers and professors may have little children and families that they might pass it onto if they are asymptomatic. It is not safe.

-Several students residing in Chennai may also be living in containment zones, and sealed off areas where they cannot leave and travelling is not a good idea. 

-Public transport will be limited. Students will struggle to come from a particular area if they do not get seats on respective public transports and will not be able to reach examination centres on time.  

I would just like to say that Tamil Nadu is already in a horrible state and it is not going to be any easier for them to save themselves if they conduct these physical examinations for students. We have not returned to a state of normalcy. It is already a terrible situation we are in and we should not be adding to it. If we do, Chennai will pay a massive price that it really cannot afford.