Reduce school fee for online class by 50%

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Every school decided to Collect full fees for Academic Year 2020-21 and they will provide Online classes.

apart from additional expenses of internet data pack and also buying of new gadgets (PC/Laptop/Tab/Speaker/Headphones etc as giving mobile to our kids is no solution for longer run)...With this system there will be huge expense for parents and there recurring expenditure will be reduced to 60% with saving Electricity Bill, monthly overhead expenses and other expenses.

We parents have burden of paying fees buying news gadgets and accessories and also paying for internet data pack during this pandemic situation and none of the schools have decided to reduce the fees.

Screen Time is another challenge for all the parents as school are taking full classes which expose every kid for 7/8 hours a day

Role of School has reduced by 50% because of this online education both CW School work (including corrections )...Home work and Revision has now become a part of Parents Supervision and responsibilities ..Also this year most extracurricular activities like picnic competitions field trip Parents Annual Day function Sports Function won't be done

As per the current situation of Covid-19 in our state we the parents of small kids are not ready to send our kids to school till vaccine is found.  But as per govt instructions school will start functioning  from Sometime Further and we parents are in pain to pay the school fees forcely.

I request *Karnataka Education Minister* to look into the issue at earliest and give your *Valuable opinion on School Fees*

As lots of them are running *short of Cash* hardly middle class people able to manage their home with hard earned savings.

I request everyone to give your opinion what school Management has to do, how they should take forward the classes, how much fees to be charged for Online classes, what support you seek from Government so that we overcome this situation.

*We are not against paying fees* but we request the *Government, Karnataka Education Minister, School Management, School Trustee* to reduce the fees to 50% and support everyone at this pandemic situation.