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Ban cruel school possum hunts in New Zealand

Across New Zealand there are various possum hunts that are orgnaized by schools as fundraisers. For example, in 2012 Uruti School in Taranaki hit headlines after news of its pig and possum hunt and best dressed possum competition drew disgust from online commentators. The picture of a young girl holding a dead possum in a bridal gown was truly macabre.

On 25 June 2017 Drury School held their sixth annual possum hunt and a young girl was put in charge of taking baby joeys from the possum's pouch and drowning them in a bucket of water.

Possum hunting events demonstrate an absolute lack of conscience. This is made more disturbing as it involves young children who are still in the process of developing their personal values.In an educational context this is completely inappropriate.

Surely in a world that is in desperate need of more compassion we should be modelling a more considered approach to our environment and the animals that live there.

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