Education on LGBTQ+ in Singapore through schools and communities to increase acceptance

Education on LGBTQ+ in Singapore through schools and communities to increase acceptance

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Started by Elijah Tay

With recent talks on Section 377A, let us first take a step back to understand why this law has still persisted in Singapore's Penal Code in the first place, despite our nation's development.

The main reason behind homophobia in Singapore is the lack of education towards such a taboo topic, leaving people's mindsets etched to the generally traditional and conservative values they were brought up with from a young age. Such values are incorporated through what is taught at places they spend the most time at in their early childhood - school (with Singapore's ten years of free education under the Ministry of Education), and home (with family).

Given that the government in this democratic society considers the majority opinion before decision-making, laws cannot be changed without public consensus and people will not be accepting towards foreign ideas. Education is hence important to expose the existence, validation, and lack of immorality of LGBTQ+, in order to understand this better, only then can we appeal to the people for their support. And this can be best done through the places we spend the most time at (school and home*), at the time when our minds are developing.

*Given it is unethical to dictate how people raise their children, by education through 'home', I refer to public community and family events/ initiatives that expose LGBTQ+ to Singaporeans as a whole (eg community talks).

Hence, I would like to appeal to the government to push for such educational initiatives to expose Singaporeans to LGBTQ+, to grant the people knowledge and understanding towards this perfectly normal community they think otherwise of, so as to allow mindsets to change to become more accepting, then making Singapore a more inclusive society.

(The reason I am pushing for education instead of directly amending laws and policies is simply that forcing legal amendments will not guarantee a change in mindsets towards the LBGTQ+ community, such that discrimination will still persist. Hence, I aim to push for a more practical solution to allow for harmony in Singapore in the long run.)

293 have signed. Let’s get to 500!