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Why smaller class sizes are better;

  • It allows the educator more one on one time with their students where they get to know the child better.
  • This can then aid in how to teach them more effectively based on their temperament and learning style.
  • Students focus more and behave better in small groups (not as many distractions)
    Students in smaller classes perform better in all subjects and on all assessments
  • Students have the ability to talk and participate more

What overcrowded classroom will look like;

  • Will not be able to meet every student's academic needs (too much diversity)
  • Harder to control children with behavioural issues
  • Harder to support children with different learning abilities
  • Less individualized help for students
  • Difficult for teachers to deliver the curriculum

On average there are about 26 students in a full day Kindergarten classroom with a 13:1 child-adult ratio. This large class size already causes difficulty in meeting all students’ needs. Now, Lisa Thompson is talking about increasing that number. Filling Kindergarten classrooms beyond the current full capacity is in no one’s best interest. As a Concurrent Early Childhood Educator Student, I find this issue of class size very important. The government needs to engage in open discussions and listen to educators. Educators DO NOT SUPPORT increasing the current maximum classroom size.  Please support me and the children of our future by signing and sharing this petition. Help us ADVOCATE for SMALLER CLASSROOM SIZES.