Reduce and cap fees in all Pvt schools colleges esp medical colleges

Reduce and cap fees in all Pvt schools colleges esp medical colleges

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Why this petition matters

Started by Vishal Kakhandki

As we all know, education has become too expensive from basic school to professional colleges esp medical colleges...

Also there is absolutely no value for the fees we all pay in schools as teaching remains substandard in most Pvt schools too...there is no efforts put by the schools to train kids academically or for sports either....there is no one to supervise these school and college management...  what are we achieving at the end of schooling after 10-12 yrs...spending lakhs of rupees on education of our kids which is basic right of theirs and should be free for all actually !!!

Nothing! still kids struggling in studies apeeariing for entrance coaching and entrance exams,which r even more expensive...

With great difficulty if some kids clear the entrance well and take up professional courses like engineering and medical ...the fees here esp in Pvt medical colleges r in lakhs (20 lakhs per year for 5 years !!! 1 crore for MBBS !!? ???) R u kidding me ??? Is this justified..r the govt authorities blind????how the hell a middle class parents pay so much !!! People r forced to send their kids outside India for medical engineering courses !!?? Y ??? Becoz of high exuberant fees in India...

the need for doctors is ever increasing ,the world has witnessed doctors importance now with covid pandemic situation,but there r many such diseases where doctors r the backbone of a nations healthcare...

So this petition is to request all the concernned officials to look into this fees matter from schools to professional courses esp medical colleges and reduce it ,cap it nicely so that more and more deserving students will benefit from the education and serve the country in a better way

Do not tolerate high fees, substandard education in schools...raise your voice 

I request all to support this agenda and stop the open loot going on in the education sector...its now or never!!! Do not tolerate this any more ...let's join hands clean this mess in the education sector

Let there be one voice..Free or minimal affordable fees for education for all !!!

If u care than its time to dare!!!

Education ,not for profit ,it is for service of mankind ...stop the loot !!

Dr.Vishal Kakhandki






7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!