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Bring about a common education system in India

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I was talking with my friend about politics in India when she put forth a very valid point. What is a point of improvisation in a country where majority of its people don't have a proper access to education? 

She just triggered a question which has been in my mind for a long time. India is a country which has so many educational boards like CBSE, Matriculation, State board ICSE etc. Why is this discrepancy in catering to a basic necessity of people? Why can't everyone have access to a common education pattern and system?? Why is that people who are in poverty cant afford anything but a government school education (offered by government) where even people working in government are not willing to send their kids? Why can't a kid born to a labour class worker and a kid born to a richest man in the country sit together in a single class and have access to the same quality education?

People are reluctant to send their kids to government school stating that it's education quality is very poor and the behaviour is bad. We all behave according to the environment and surroundings. If put in a good environment they also will behave well and have a better education. We speak of equality every time, so why isn't there equality in education system? We are so good in competing and copying America which is a country where people don't send their kids to private schools but only government school. Why can't we implement this good aspect also? 

Hence i start this petition seeking equal, common and a good quality education ( as quality of education should not degrade as it is a unanimous one) for all the children in  India for education is the key for unlocking the door of poverty free country .



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