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Improvement of Education in Government Schools

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My self Zakiya want to ask some questions-

whether are we looking into our future generation children?

Many Of us in India cannot afford Private Schools, So is educating a child in government schools is equal to educating a child in private school?

WhY government school is not same as private school?

Government doesn't have money to invest for our future generation of India?

Government teachers are not efficient enough to teach like a private school teachers?

Is government not paying the salary to government teachers and is it only private school teachers are getting salary?

Child from poor family not able to learn and his mind is not working than a child from rich family?


I have visited some government schools the situation and it is so bad the kids in 8th std are not able tell what is noun pronoun and spelling for hard words like beautiful. The teachers are not at all looking into schools they are time passing in the staff room.

Infrastructure is so poor why is it we don't have money in government for children's?

Teachers they don't have time to put even attendance that will also be done by students then why a teacher is require to take just government advantages and salaries? or they are doing some charity?

Now after two years they are going to write the sslc exam will they clear the exam?

I will tell you their future girls will fail they will married to some drunk person or some low person and life long she will suffer.

Boys they will struggle to earn and they will start some bad works or life long they have to struggle.

They will remain uneducated and later a good educated person will see this young uneducated person and comments I don't know India when it develops are we not responsible in the backend of this?

If this continuous Our future Our society will never develop and all other things fails.

You will tell govt schools are providing all facility has any party leader got time to look into the school and do some improvement?

I want to share this information  to our education minister to improve the government education so much that it becomes equal to private school and no child left without education.

Keep inspections regularly to government schools and improve it.

Don't just provide free food provide free education in a right manner and in a good way and make them to earn food in future don't make them to eat free food in future.

Please share this petition so much that it reaches our education minister................


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