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Dear all 

As a responsible parent we all are facing various issues regarding the education system in our country and our country really needs a good revamp of the entire system 

When the concept of schools started it started to promote education in our country with a motive to achieve that every citizen of our country is educated 

Schools started as an institution to give good academic knowledge to the children of our country so that they become the better future of our country tomorrow but with evolution schools have become business institutes rather than becoming an institution for providing overall development to the child 

With this over the last two decades the statistics for education has really been remarkable howsoever with the speed of education the govt is not able to provide jobs to all the educated people . Many educated mothers are actually sitting at home and are capable of teaching their children 

Also with the advancement of technology the children are actually not required to formally go to school and waste their Time 

The reasons why home schooling today is better than formal schooling 

1. Lot of wastage of time in school where children can actually utilise their time in their interest area 

2. Inspite of children going to private schools , parents are still sending them to evening tuitions as schools hardly pay attention to the average or below average child ... tuition centres and coaching centre are still making money then why are schools actually required 

3. In the name of extra curricular activities there are hardly any classes where students hardly learn any sports and after paying fees to the school for these activities , parents are sending their children to the different sports academy to pursue their interest 

4. School timings starting from 8-2:30 or sometimes even 3:00, leaving children completely exhausted and then children need to visit tuition centres or sports academy so where is the time for children to actually play and live their childhood 

5. Our Indian culture the shashtras and Vedas also talk about balavastha till the age of 12 but here we burden our children with such a hectic schedule at the age of 3 ... are we really doing justice to our children and when they grow up they cannot earn their livelihood properly ... what is this education actually heading to ... 


1. Nowadays parents are educated ... esp educated females are frustrated as they need to take care of their children so they need to give up theirs professional career ...they should be given the right to teach their children and help their child to grow 

2. Schools are no more required as formal schools & they should be converted to education / guidances centres ... a Time table can be shared with the parents and where parents feel that the child is required to attend the particular class for clarification they can send their child 

3. Across the county there should be one board and one set of books so that any child whose parents are even getting transferred to a particular location does not have any problem.

4. Education should be treated as a country system and not as any state or a board system.

5. Every school should follow the same set of notes / syllabus / notebook work so that even if the child is moving to a different state the child is not lost with the new system since it’s a harmonised system.

6. If the child is taking a leave because of any reason apart from medical should be allowed to attend the centre to which ever location in the country the child is moving to.

7. Books used by one batch should be submitted back to the school in the same condition as they were given ... this will also help in go green as less of books printing , less tress required ... save paper save trees 

8. Technology is readily available to all .. when we can go cashless we can also put our entire-education system online ...all lectures leasons  teaching that is done through interactive educomp and teach next should actually become our formal system of education ... when all schools are moving online then such things can be done while the child is at home 

9. All this will not only give time to the children  to explore their areas of interest ... will save travelling time , will protect them from the unhealthy and unsafe environment of school 

10. All the exam papers for any class should be set by a panel at the cbse and all schools should b conducting the similar exam across the country ... this will help the children who would be travelling to different location because of any reason can give theirexams. 

11. It will also judge the students on all India level as education system across India will be same 

12. So to sum up formal schools to be converted to tuition centres , no compulsion of attendance as all the education classes can be made availability online .. they can even be broadcasted in tv channel ...child afteratrending such classes takes up their areaof interest , goes to the centre for any clarification 

13 teacher guiding in these centres should be evaluated at least once in two years and then renew their contract as if the teacher is not updated then their is no point in making her guide ... 

14. This is save parents from shelling out huge sum of money just for nothing , given children time to live their childhood , give time to children to pursue their area of interest , hell educated mothers to move out and use their expertise in upbringing children as these mothers can be appointed as guides at tuition centres .. their expertise can be used to frame policies question papers and lot of brain that is dead right now in our country will come out 

15. This time saved will help our children grow spiritually as they will have lot of time left to carry out various activities ... 

requesf all of you to kindly sign my petition as this is stop these schools to shut down their shops ... will save you all your hard earned money and help your child to grow all round in a much much better environment 


Shweta Wadhwa Saraswat 

w/o Capt Manish Saraswat 


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