Change child bullying laws in Scotland

Change child bullying laws in Scotland

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Stacey Black started this petition to Education minister for Scotland - John Swinney and

My son who attends Arbroath academy and is 12 years old and currently in 2nd year, on Monday and Tuesday this week he was violently attacked twice in less than 24 hours both attacks were premeditated and recorded on smart phones and shared on various social media sites. My son was backed into a one way entry bike shelter behind school by a group of over 100 kids led by the three main bully’s my son felt he couldn’t fight back because there was so many people inside he thought they would join in which some did, the assault was only stopped because staff in the nursery next door heard the screaming and chased the kids that when my son got out followed by the group throwing full cans of juice at him.

when my son left school and came home after the assault during break time, he was distressed, he had cuts and bruises to his face and head, he was punched so bad one boy broke his front tooth off, In the video he can be heard saying (you’ve broke my tooth yet one boy still continues to punch him and another fly kicks my son at head height into a wall, my son underwent emergency reconstruction dental work to restore it, he requires it to rebuilt every 6 months until adulthood where he can decide on long term options.

Three boys were suspended from school and two of which were criminally charged the same night with assault. Both the school and police on this occasion have been pro active in dealing with the case however this has not always been the case with past incidents given the lack of powers they have and the fact that education law actually allows the offenders far more protection than the victims.

The courier newspaper printed our story as they themselves want to keep highlighting the increasing video assaults amongst children.

This is unacceptable in this day and age, why should my son or any other child be forced to endure constant torment and violence when they have the right to an education, to be safeguarded and be happy in their adolescence at school.

The persistent offender for any bullying offence should be removed from school and given there right to education in a specialist setting not continuing to offend in mainstream school disrupting every other child’s life and right to education.

The current 45 days suspension over a 12 month period is ludicrous my sons bully’s will be back in school in 1-3 days and free to re offend. Which today all three were back in school and one of the bully’s have since set up a fake snap chat account pretending to be my son, sending messages to everyone spreading rumours and asking for fights with the clear intention of goading others into attacking my son again, the police and school are working to trace the perpetrator and I will press criminal charges.

This alone proves the point that our education and child law systems do not work after being charged and suspended the minute they are back in school they are targeting there victim again it’s has to stop, what will it take for the government to listen and make changes, even child suicide due to bullying hasn’t made any real impact so I wonder if it will take a bully committing murder in school to make a change, I am not prepared to sit back and let any parents memory of their child be laid dead in a mortuary and allow my son or any other child to have their life cut short because of bullying and the government not protecting our youth.

The mental health I fear my son may suffer at the hands bullying is heartbreaking, can you comprehend having to sit down and beg your 12 year old child not to kill himself and to seek help, Youths know full well from age 11-16 years old know that pretty much anything that they do will incur a few days off school maybe a criminal charge and then the record is wiped at 16 giving them a 2nd chance while victims have to live with happened forever.

This level of assault happens all over the country and I understand bullying has always been around and won’t ever go away, however it’s what we do in between and the changes we make during the time our children are at school.
Views of parents police and teachers alike all support changing the law and classing bullying as a criminal offence and making the consequences so severe that it deters future children from continued violence.

schools all over the country have children who are so brutal they have broken bones of the victims, carry knifes and other weapons, troll and cyber bully, causing victims to self harm and take their lives to the point or to the point they transfer schools to make it stop, all the while the bully stays in school because nothing of any real consequence happens to them there’s no fairness or equality there what so ever.

I don’t blame school or the police because they have done everything possible to help, I blame the education board and the government it’s them who set out the rules and regulations passed to local authorities then onto schools. Why is it ok to suspend a bully for 3 days when my son has to endure a lifetime of horrible memories and dental work and he has to face the bullies soon after the attacks because the law states every child has a right to education and often favours the bully over the victim.

Our youths know full well nothing will actually happen to them apart from a charge and a one,two or three day holiday because from the ages of 11-16 years anything they do will be forgotten and with very few even meet with a children’s panel Or given a suitable punishment, with the level of violence and premeditated Recorded attacks increasing every day, some children committing suacide, and reaching breaking point taking matters into their own hands etc we as a community need to keep telling our stories and the big wigs sat in parliament take notice get them into schools on the front line and see exactly what schools and pupils deal with it’s a very different picture whilst reading from a report, we need the offsite education campuses brought back and schools given more powers to remove problematic children from mainstream schools and place them in specialist schools away from the other kids who don’t pose disruptions to everyone else, Teachers alike share parents views that something needs to be done but they don’t have the powers and can only work within the guidelines set by our government they don’t want to teach persistent offenders as they disrupt everyone else’s education yet are forced to Help the bully’s stay in education and then go on to do it all over again there’s no end to the cycle, our kids are not being treated fairly or with equality not safeguarded properly and this country wide. There has always been bullying and always will be unfortunately It’s about managing the current issues our children are facing and taking action.

I invite anyone who has a child past and present to come forward with their own experience to join the national petition and make a stand against the government and education board to listen to us and make the changes to keep our children safe. All of the information will be collated and send to Mr Swinney the education minister for Scotland at parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We propose the following to start with feel free to suggest and add changes you would like to happen that will benefit everyone’s child who has and is currently suffering.

1. Remove persistent offenders from mainstream education facilities permanently
2. Series incidents require tougher punishments.
3. parent's Forced to take responsibility for their child’s actions
4. Change in law that bullying is a chargeable offence and will be recorded and moved over to their adult records
5. Give schools more powers to keep victims safe.
6. Remove suspended children from day one
7. Tougher laws and punishment for those youths involved with the recording and distribution of assault videos.

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