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In reaction to CM Vijaybhai Rupani and Education minister Bhupendrasih Chudasma’s decision on ‘no school no fees’ appeal, i want to say: Sir, please open your eyes. We teachers also have a home to run. How can you make a decision where one side you said there will be no fees to be paid till schools reopen while other side you are saying that we teachers to continue work from home and continue online teaching. Applauds ������ . Is the government suggesting us to teach for free now? Where is the justice ? Atleast tution fees should be paid in order to give justice to the efforts and sacrifices made by us in order to provide teaching during lockdown. In absence of all the fees, how the teachers will be paid? In order to keep up with the necessity, teachers are constantly working hard to be equipped with digital teaching, many are purchasing laptops, setting up boards at their homes for teaching, upgrading their broadband plans in order to have uninterrupted teaching. All the expenses are being paid by our own pockets. Family time have gone in vain as we continue making lesson videos after taking classes. Not to forget, lot of male teachers and single parents are sole breadwinners for their family. How will they survive? Is government going to pay the electricity bills? Is government going to run our family? What about the 4th grade staff, will baijis, peons, guards remain unemployed? You are trying to respond to 1 sector while pushing another towards unemployment. How will you put a balace to society in such unfortunate times? Its time the GUJARAT government need to rethink on their biased decision. Its time for the government to have empathy towards all and make ethical judgements, being on such a senior post.