Cancellation of Exams for Final year Students.

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Respected Sir, 

India and especially Maharashtra today is facing extreme crisis in the form of Covid-19 pandemic. The state has made a decision to cancel examinations for all students except the ones in final year.

Amidst all these crucial times, health should be the utmost priority. Like all the major efforts have been taken to ensure safety of different sectors, students in the final year have been neglected. In this terrifying situation where atleast 25-30 people are dying each day, students have been incorporated with the mental pressure of preparing for examinations.

Many students belonging to the rural areas had left the city in a rush without any materials to study. The syllabus for the exams wasn't completed and hence to suffice, online classes were initiated. But the ones from villages didn't have access to the internet and still attendance was considered each day without considering them. They are also obliged to pay the rent for their rooms in the city as the owners have been pressuring them.

The students in the final year have appeared for the most examinations and hence passing them the same way as the rest won't be an issue. Also it's not just the grades but final interview that decide our career.

We kindly request you to consider our appeal and cancel the examinations and assure our mental and emotional well-being.

-Yours sincerely

Final year student.