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Education Matters And Students Need To Be Motivated To Pursue It

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I am a high school senior who is a patriotic American and values education. I was raised to believe that America is the greatest country in the world, and that is what I still want to believe. It is hard to be proud and the best if we only rank 17 worldwide in education. I find it very displeasing to see a majority of my classmates uninterested in school and oblivious to its benefits. I have been to public schools, private schools, and even spent a year studying abroad in Japan. Our students being so unmotivated to show up to school or even complete assigned work is starting to make me feel like this is not the best country in the world anymore. However, I still believe that it is not too late to get back on top.

Students are the people who will become most of the workforce in the next generations. Students starting to give up early and neglect education can make the future of America's population become more ignorant. Meeting foreigners has introduced me to the stereotype that Americans are stupid. The world shouldn't be mocking us. 

I propose that the United States Department of Education work towards establishing mentors for students across America. Whether it be college students or teachers themselves, being there for the students and guiding them should be a norm. At the very least, we as a country, as a people, need to be aware that our students greatly affect our future and legacy as a great nation. This is a problem and I do not want my generation to contribute to our down curves. 

Here are the benefits of having mentors for students:

1. Every student will now have a supportive figure and guide for achievement

2. Students will know that there is at least one person who cares about his or her achievement

3. At least one person could now be responsible and on track for the student and his or her progress in school

4. Students would not feel alone anymore

5. Students would be able to have a person to seek advice from that is not family or help students who are unfortunate to not have such a figure in their lives

Here is a breakdown of what mentors should be doing for students:

1. Provide thorough explanations for the purpose of assignments

2. Provide thorough information about why high school is important, what doors its completion can open

3. Be empathetic and establish a mutual trust and understanding between the mentor and mentee

4. Share life wisdom, expertise, and experience to the student. The students should learn to see the mentors as paths taken and be able to learn what steps and or mistakes were made on such a path

5. Study the student in order to create a plan of approach that best suits the student's needs and learning styles. Approaching a student in a manner to which he is most comfortable would be highly effective in providing guidance 

These are theories derived from the research of multiple sources. To the best of my belief, America can get back on its feet if we properly take care of our youth. Many adults can say that their childhood and past experiences made them who they are today. To a bright future and a great nation, I ask for your support.

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