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Take on the London Challenge in the USA: The Brown Challenge

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We must work to improve low performing schools. This is a grand negative impact on the life outcomes of the Children, the Community, and the local Economy and solving the issues within our communities will required mass organized voicing out by signatures for more specific effective legislation,and fixing our communities from the inside with friends families and local leaders

Developing” and “molding” people to have high potential for success directly affects the U.S.A. – ”Nationwide thousands of Minority Children, still are being Left Behind.  

This is the “Achievement Gap”, a national and international issue due to complex issues---A large part being poor local leadership (which leads to poor policy and processes) and (results in/adds to) poor parent involvement.--and Poor Quality Education keeps thousands of children in the cycles of poverty.

The EFFECTS of the “Achievement Gap” in Education—in which Black and Latino Children are almost 3 grade levels behind others such as Whites Students and/or Higher Income Students is the “Economic equivalent of a permanent national  recession."

This is an emergency. The current school system is A School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Strong action by the State School Board and the Governor IS REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY.

We WILL Invest in a Better Education today for a Better Community and Economy tomorrow.

This petition is a Call for Immediate, effective and SUPERVISED District-Wide improvement Initiatives based on the research article  "Strategies to Improve Low- performing Schools under the Every Student Succeeds Act"  and by implementing the "best practices of high-performing Charters" in all Schools in the Dekalb District

1. Data-Driven instruction

2. Excellence in teaching and leadership

3. Culture of high expectations

4. Frequent and intensive tutoring, or so-called high-dosage tuoring

5. Extended school day and year

In accordance with, immediate and effective District-Wide improvement Initiatives,

The Dekalb County School district will make the necessary changes to meet the Standards of Excellence for A Quality Educational System:

1. A Clear and Shared Focus
2. High Standards and Expectations for All Students
3. Effective School Leadership
4. High Levels of Collaboration and Communication
5. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments Aligned with State
6. Frequent Monitoring of Learning and Teaching
7. Focused Professional Development
8. Supportive Learning Environment
9. High Levels of Family and Community Involvement

Larger Expectations:

  • Effective processes for improving schools
  • Expanded perspectives on effective leadership
  • Relational trust (i.e., trusting relationships among person in an organization)
  • Quality instruction, grading practices, and monitoring
  • Professional learning communities
  • Cultural competence and culturally responsive teaching
  • Family and community engagement in schools
  • High school improvement
  • District improvement
  • Need-based allocation of resources (funding, staffing, and support)

---See Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools by G. Sue Shannon, Ed. D.
Senior Researcher/ 
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction 

for further detail on Characteristics and Expectations.



Immediate Actions and Emphasis :

Implement the use of Quarterly Compliance Checks in which school program functions are reviewed by a Leading outside organization consisting of even ratios of government, nongovernment, private and public sector individuals.

These quarterly compliance checks will be specific and detailed Learning intuitions must be in compliance with the Systemic Family Engagement Guide.

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The Compliance rubrics and program surveys must be followed and implemented. They are not to be optional.

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Surveys are to be reach as many applicants as possible and as such, educational satisfaction, progress, and program surveys should be added to online welfare applications as questions about education are already present.



Transparency with Funding and budget

Educational Leaders working with the Community and organizations

More Teachers/Staff and more raises for teachers/staff/ and reduction in the number of Cabinet Members

Parental Involvement & Parenting Workshops

District Wide Community Volunteer Programs


 Detailed discussion of progress and accomplishments will be addressed at Monthly Community Discussion Board Meetings; Alternative forms of communication via social media will also be a option. 

Reforms will be implemented and sustained with effective processes and adherence to policy.


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