All Quebec Students Should Pass The Year Due to Coronavirus

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As many of you know the Quebec Minister of Education announced on May 7th,2020 the procedure in which students would be graded. It was decided that in order to determine the final mark of the year, teachers will take into consideration the first two terms, the evaluations carried out from the beginning of the third term until March 13,and their evaluation of progress students have made from March 13 until the end of the year. 

    Given that term 1 and 2 are each worth 20% of the year leaving a remaining 60% to term 3 it doesn’t make logical sense to use grades from the first two terms so heavily. A large portion of the student population were depending on term 3 to improve their marks. Some passed neither first nor second term but had they been given the chance to have a full term three it could have made all the difference in not only improving grades but in some cases bringing them up enough to pass the year. Considering the fact that summer school is not an option this year it’s not the best judgement call to fail any students.

    Despite our difficult current situation, teaching and learning must continue in order for us not to fall behind, but due to the circumstances it should not impact whether or not a student fails. We the students ask for a revision of the decision that has been made by the Minister of Education concerning our final grades. We ask that we continue to learn from home but that every student impacted by this passes the year by default. 

Letter from Minister of Education May 7th,2020 :

Cheyenne & Emma, secondary IV students