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Parents i appreciate all your efforts THANK YOU

Dear Parents

As we are all aware of our current situation in all provinces i have started this petition as a voice for our children and i am researching on ways to get in contact with WHO as i feel they need to hear each a every persons voice of concern regarding South Africa's schools re-opening. 

I am so grateful for how this petition has gotten signatures we still have so much we can do so much fight to keep our schools close and find other possibilities to help our children learn during this trying time. To me personally i am trying to understand Angie Motshekga decision to re-open schools and so willingly thinking we will risk our kids health & safety. 

I reside in the western cape region and i know we have people all over RSA signing this petition. I hope with all this they take into consideration all households that are suffering yet trying to make the situation a bit better. 

I trust you all will continue to promote the petition and voice your opinions because your voices matters. 


Love you all 


Jodi-Monique Wilcox
12 months ago