Tuition and bully free schools

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Hello everyone my name is Aryan and in my current school life what I have faced is that because of some loop holes in education department and bad management in schools the rate of students who bully others is constantly increasing and even when everybody is aware of these matters still no one makes a decision to remove their name from school which is very hard to believe but is correct 

My next concern is about teachers teaching in school . even when they are receiving a good amount of salary in schools still they open their coaching centers and for some limit it is not bad but it becomes horrible when they stop teaching in school and don't give students marks just to attract them to their coaching and because of it after paying such a huge amount of fees in the school they suffer to pay extra for coaching also

So my suggestion is to make some changes in the department and make a rule that a teacher teaching in school cannot start his coaching or even if they starts then they should be bound that they could not allow any student in the coaching whom he/she is teaching in school so that we will not have to pay for marks in the coaching of same teacher from whom we are studying in school and make it a better place to distribute knowledge

And also every students who bully others should be removed from school so that other students do not follow their oath and grow up in a bad manner

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