Stop unethical practices adopted by private schools in India

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Wish to bring to you notice how private school s in Delhi are playing with rules:

1. Few Schools have dispensed class " Nursery" as whole attention of government is there at Nursery admission only and then in next classes they can have free hands in admission.

Suggest government to take notice of such schools and give directives to such schools to follow the rules which they were supposed to follow in Nursery admission

2. Few Schools owners have made trusts/ NGOs in whose favour they take money.

Suggest government to ask all ngo/ trust whose trustees are running schools also to submit the detailed report on amount collected by them during Dec. to June so that government can easily identify the sudden increase in donation in particular month.

Government may ask such NGOs to submit such reports for past years also.

3. Government asks people to make video if school asks for donation but school do not allow parents to keep phone, pen, wallet etc and then they talk about donation. Difficult situation - don't know what to do.

4. Currently each school is following different fee structure.

Suggest government to take costing from each school and frame Uniform Fee structures.

5. Every Year Schools charge "Admission Fee" without any basis.Pl look into it.

6. Very interested to see that each school is following up different curriculum and books of different author and force parents to buy new books every session ie can't use books of last year passed students.Can we really afford this practice where resources are scare specially water.

Request Government to formulate policy on common curriculum at least for studies and advice schools to motivate students and parents to donate their books to school which can be given in new session to students.

7. Charging transport fee for whole year whereas generally schools run only 10 months.

8. Increase the fee every year or charge parents fee with different names.